Porcelain, Glass, and Composite Insulators
Newell-PSN, LLC is a manufacturer of High-Voltage Electrical Porcelain, Glass transmission insulators as well as Composite insulators, with product types that include Station Post, Line Post, Transmission Suspension and Distribution insulators, as well as apparatus porcelain. With a focus on Customer Service, we are perfectly positioned to be the First Choice for all of our customers’ requirements.

Their products include: C-Neck Tie Top, F-Neck Tie Top, F-Neck Tie Top, Horizontal Clamp Top Gain Base, Horizontal Clamp Top Stud Mount, N-Neck Tie Top, Vertical Clamp Top Stud Mount Line Post Insulators; Guy Strain, High Voltage Pin Types, Low Voltage Pin Types, Spool Insulators Distribution Insulators; Cap-Pin Replacement, Non-Stacking Units, Tapered Stacks, Semiconductive Glaze, Uniform Diameter Stacks Station Post Insulators; and of course, Porcelain and Glass Suspension Insulators. 

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